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Looking for a Martial Arts Gym near you? Our Judo Classes will get you into great physical shape, and help you achieve excellent balance and hand-eye coordination?


Hoping to take on a workout routine that will get you into great physical shape, sharpen your mind, and help you achieve excellent balance and hand-eye coordination? Judo is a great way to learn self-defense as well as connect with a passionate fitness community.

At Ares Athletic Club and CrossFit A Game, we hope to give men and women from around Manahawkin the opportunity to enjoy the physical and mental health benefits of Judo. Whether you're a beginner or bringing a black belt with you to your first class, we'll proudly give you the training you need to match and exceed your goals.

What Can Judo Offer You?

Judo classes will provide you with a tremendous boost to your physical health, plus help you stay stress- and anxiety-free. You'll get a total-body workout as you learn clinches, sweeps, and throws to take down opponents, plus gain confidence in yourself and connect with new friends. Our team at Ares Athletic Club and CrossFit A Game will help guide you through a personalized fitness journey with your goals in mind -- it all starts here in Manahawkin.

Judo classes give you access to:
  • High-energy workouts that will torch fat
  • Better balance, coordination, and body control
  • Self-defense skills for real-world situations
  • A sense of confidence and focus in everyday life

Learning Judo is an exciting, unique way to create lasting fitness. Train with us at Ares Athletic Club and we'll connect you with high-quality instruction oriented around achieving your individual goals. Whether you're here in Manahawkin or nearby in Long Beach Island or Barnegat, we are your ultimate resources for fitness and martial arts training.

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Uncover your potential through Judo! Each class is designed to challenge your body and your mind, giving you a great workout as you develop strategic thinking skills and learn self-defense. Join us at Ares Athletic Club and CrossFit A Game to get started on one of New Jersey's best martial arts programs.

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Working out at the gym isn't easy. But getting there shouldn't be hard. Ares Athletic Club / CrossFit A Game is located and easily accessible from all of Manahawkin, LBI, and Barnegat.

609 E Bay Ave suite 6/7, Manahawkin, NJ 08050
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